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The Gyarados of Grimmsworld
HEIGHT:  0’8”
WEIGHT:  0.2 lbs.
ABILITIES:  Suction Cups, Color Change
HP:  55
Attack:  35
Defense:  10
Special Attack:  35
Special Defense:  55
Speed:  120
Charm  (—)
Octazooka  (5)
Attract  (10)
Bubble  (15)
Baby-Doll Eyes  (20)
Evolves into Kraikju at level 25
HEIGHT:  47’7”
WEIGHT:  6,431 lbs.
ABILITIES:  Intimidate, Sheer Force
HP:  195
Attack:  95
Defense:  250
Special Attack:  125
Special Defense:  250
Speed:  95
Screech  (Evo.)
Iron Defense  (28)
Iron Head  (31)
Wrap  (34)
Heavy Slam  (37)
Metal Sound  (40)
Bide  (43)
Withdraw  (46)
Pursuit  (49)
Razor Shell  (52)
King’s Shi
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How Big Would GLE's Ancient Nursery Be? by Jdailey1991 How Big Would GLE's Ancient Nursery Be? :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 3 2
The Paleozoic Icons That Never Were, GLE
When one thinks “Paleozoic Era”, we’d usually think of the very alien-looking trilobites and terror-shrimps, and they were among many to be considered icons of that geological volume in the Phanerozoic Eon.  Indeed, that may be the case back home, but not on Great Lakes Earth.
542 million years ago, the Drumian period began with a bang.  Between now and 750 million years ago, one old species evolved into one new one every ten million years on average.  Now, one old species could become a dozen new ones every one million years.  As with the Cambrian Explosion back home, the origin of the Drumian Explosion was shrouded in mystery.  However the Explosion happened, it really was an explosion in the ecological sense.  It brought about trilobites, marrellomorphs, dinocarids, brachiopods, bryozoans, lobopods, cheliceratans, homalozoans, crinoids, paracrinoids, cystoids, blastoids, stars, urchins, cucumbers, brachiopods, gastropods, cephal
:iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 1 0
Pantheridae, Great Lakes Earth
From shady Nimravus stalking the forests of Europe 60 million years ago, we see the first stage of transforming one of the European species of weasel-like Miacis into the order Feliformia.  15 million years later, Nimravus would branch out into the feliforms we’d recognize—cats (Felidae, Pantheridae, Machairodontidae), mongeese (Herpestidae, Mungotidae), hyenas (Hyaenidae, Ictitheriidae, Protelidae), linsang (Prionodontidae) and civets (Hemigalinae, Paradoxurinae, Viverridae).  36 million years ago, the feliforms would butt heads with the approaching caniforms on their crossing to Asia and North America, and between 32 and 26 million years ago, they would colonize Africa.
Back home, the “roaring cats” come in only two genera—Panthera and Neofelis.  But on Great Lakes Earth, they come in four—Panthera, Leo, Tigris and Onca.  There are nine species of the genus
:iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 3 0
Mature content
A Tale of Two Apes, Great Lakes Earth :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 4 24
Solar System, Great Lakes Earth (Map) by Jdailey1991 Solar System, Great Lakes Earth (Map) :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 2 0
Lakes Chad and Congo
Two of Great Lakes Earth’s largest lakes, Chad and Congo in central Africa, are certainly big enough to make Africa the cradle not just of humanity but civilization, too.  With them in existence, daily survival could become transformed into a stable culture.  It may have been the center of an ancient empire that, if one transdimensional historian’s theory is correct, was at its height roughly 20,000 years ago but collapsed between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago.  North Africa did have some evidence to verify that theory in the form of weathered ruins, but too few of them have not been buried by water or vegetation.  The largest and most conspicuous of the surviving evidence is a pyramidal shape 2,004 feet tall and covering an area of 16 million cubic feet, yet we have found not heiroglyphs but cuneiform writing on the wall.  Today, we are still digging deep to see where the analogies to Egypt end and those to Sumer begin.  Was the pyramid a tomb,
:iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 4 0
Great Lakes Earth in 0 Degrees by Jdailey1991 Great Lakes Earth in 0 Degrees :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 4 3 MLPFiMS1 On Trial by Jdailey1991 MLPFiMS1 On Trial :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 1 0
Solar System of Great Lakes Earth
Alternate Earth 111, known colloquially as “Great Lakes Earth”, orbits the sun from a distance of 93 million miles.  It itself is orbited by a single moon.  Its equatorial diameter is 7,917.5 miles.  17% of its overall volume makes up its core.  Its outer crust, rich in oxygen and silicon, is three miles at the thinnest and 30 at the thickest.  It is the only planet in its system as far as we know that supports life.  That’s pretty much the end of the similarities between Earth and AE111.
All the heavy elements we’d find back home, which includes iron, we can find in greatest quantity—perhaps quality as well—inside Great Lakes Earth’s spherical, 760-mile-wide core.  Iron is still the predominant metal of the core, but it has a higher quantity—and perhaps quality—than back home, which would prove useful in the evolution of the magnetic field and steel.
If one from back home were t
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Take II by Jdailey1991 Take II :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 4 0 Alien Reboot Dreamcast by Jdailey1991 Alien Reboot Dreamcast :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 4 6
The Basic History of Great Lakes Earth's Flora
Four-and-a-half billion years ago, after 500 million years of unrelenting crashes and bombardments, life had the chance to evolve on Great Lakes Earth, but the world it would start in would be hostile to us.  95% of the planet’s surface was a vast ocean, with the rest being basaltic islands that could not keep up against the constantly pounding waves.  Carbon dioxide made up a quarter of the planet’s atmosphere, turning the atmosphere a vivid blood-red.  And the global ocean was so full of iron that it would have glowed a deep, dark-green sheen.  Yet, this is where and when the first single-celled organisms would have thrived.  They would have been photosynthetic, absorbing energy from sunlight and turning carbon dioxide into food.
Four billion years ago, the global ocean was being challenged.  A new kind of rock popped out of the surface that combined toughness with lightness.  This rock was granite, but not OUR granite.  The
:iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 3 0
Great Lakes Earth (Base, Rough) by Jdailey1991 Great Lakes Earth (Base, Rough) :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 8 6 Beauty and the Beast On Trial by Jdailey1991 Beauty and the Beast On Trial :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 4 15 Fievel Goes West on Trial by Jdailey1991 Fievel Goes West on Trial :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 6 2


Grimmwoods Fairy Tales by iesnoth Grimmwoods Fairy Tales :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 16 2 Raven-Corvus corax by Fragillimus335 Raven-Corvus corax :iconfragillimus335:Fragillimus335 10 1 Mountian Bluebird-Sialia currucoides by Fragillimus335 Mountian Bluebird-Sialia currucoides :iconfragillimus335:Fragillimus335 11 0 #006 - Charizardmon - If Pokemons Were Digimons by HeyAnkey #006 - Charizardmon - If Pokemons Were Digimons :iconheyankey:HeyAnkey 30 2 OHMORA by ArmoroAndBeyond OHMORA :iconarmoroandbeyond:ArmoroAndBeyond 14 0 Blank Screencap meme by shyBUTartistic Blank Screencap meme :iconshybutartistic:shyBUTartistic 30 13 Bluebell Mountain by scotto Bluebell Mountain :iconscotto:scotto 116 6 The tree and the chapel by Sergiba The tree and the chapel :iconsergiba:Sergiba 109 13 Pokemon Gym Leader Card Meme by pikaCOOL360 Pokemon Gym Leader Card Meme :iconpikacool360:pikaCOOL360 6 6 Get off my lawn (Blank) by artdog22 Get off my lawn (Blank) :iconartdog22:artdog22 8 1 Third Creek by EtherealSceneries Third Creek :iconetherealsceneries:EtherealSceneries 86 6 Turonian sea of Saxony by Hyrotrioskjan Turonian sea of Saxony :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 200 24 Elements of Harmony Meme by scoobymcsnack Elements of Harmony Meme :iconscoobymcsnack:scoobymcsnack 45 3 Water Tower (Close Up) Base by CCB-18 Water Tower (Close Up) Base :iconccb-18:CCB-18 15 0 Monokeros, Pliny's Unicorn by Osmatar Monokeros, Pliny's Unicorn :iconosmatar:Osmatar 122 33 Villains' Army Meme - Blank Template by Moheart7 Villains' Army Meme - Blank Template :iconmoheart7:Moheart7 23 0
Grimmsworld is a region where the two most popular types are Dragon and Fairy, where all pokemon are dual-types, where legendary trios are ghosts!  Here is the Pokedex so far:


    1.     ???  (Grass/Ice)

    2.     ???  (Grass/Ice)

    3.     ???  (Grass/Ice)

    4.     Newtorch  (Fire/Rock)

    5.     Magmadile  (Fire/Rock)

    6.     Salamonster  (Fire/Rock)

    7.     ???  (Water/Ground)

    8.     ???  (Water/Ground)

    9.     ???  (Water/Ground)

    10. Murkrow  (Dark/Flying)

    11. Honchcrow  (Dark/Flying)

    12. Stunky  (Poison/Dark)

    13. Skuntank  (Poison/Dark)

    14. ??? (Fairy/Flying)

    15. ???  (Fairy/Flying)

    16. ???  (Fairy/Flying)

    17. ???  (Fighting/Steel)

    18. ???  (Fighting/Steel)

    19. ???  (Bug/Poison)

    20. ???  (Bug/Dark)

    21. Gastly  (Ghost/Dark)

    22. Haunter  (Ghost/Dark)

    23. Gengar  (Ghost/Dark)

    24. Noibat  (Flying/Dragon)

    25. Noivern  (Flying/Dragon)

    26. Mimikyu  (Ghost/Fairy)

    27. Aron  (Steel/Rock)

    28. Lairon  (Steel/Rock)

    29. Aggron  (Steel/Rock)

    30. ???  (Poison/Dark)

    31. ???  (Poison/Dark)

    32. ???  (Poison/Dark)

    33. Onix  (Rock/Ground)

    34. Steelix  (Rock/Ground)

    35. Houndour  (Dark/Fire)

    36. Houndoom  (Dark/Fire)

    37. Cubone  (Ground/Knight)

    38. Marowak  (Ground/Knight)

    39. ???  (Dragon/Normal)

    40. ???  (Dragon/Water)

    41. ???  (Dragon/Fire)

    42. ???  (Dragon/Electric)

    43. ???  (Dragon/Grass)

    44. ???  (Dragon/Rock)

    45. ???  (Dragon/Fairy)

    46. ???  (Dragon/Ice)

    47. ???  (Dragon/Dark)

    48. Mawile  (Steel/Fairy)

    49. Sableye  (Dark/Ghost)

    50. Rotom  (Electric/Ghost)

    51. Skarmory  (Steel/Flying)

    52. ???  (Ghost/Knight)

    53. ???  (Water/Dark)

    54. ???  (Water/Steel)

    55. Wilhaunt  (Dark/Poison)

    56. Johaunt  (Dark/Steel)

    57. Ralts  (Psychic/Fairy)

    58. Kirlia  (Psychic/Fairy)

    59. Gardevoir  (Psychic/Fairy)

    60. Gallade  (Psychic/Fairy)

    61. Lunatone  (Rock/Psychic)

    62. Solrock  (Rock/Psychic)

    63. Velvant  (Bug/Poison)

    64. Samurasp  (Bug/Knight)

    65. Daimyornet  (Bug/Knight)

    66. Bronzor  (Steel/Psychic)

    67. Bronzong  (Steel/Psychic)

    68. Kabuto  (Rock/Water)

    69. Kabutops  (Rock/Water)

    70. Anorith  (Rock/Bug)

    71. Armaldo  (Rock/Bug)

    72. Omanyte  (Rock/Water)

    73. Omastar  (Rock/Water)

    74. Aerodactyl  (Rock/Flying)

    75. Relicanth  (Water/Rock)

    76. ???  (Rock/Dark)

    77. ???  (Rock/Dark)

    78. ???  (Rock/Fighting)

    79. ???  (Rock/Fighting)

    80. Squamarine  (Water/Dragon)

    81. Monitorrent  (Water/Dragon)

    82. Spinosurf  (Water/Dragon)

    83. Lapras  (Water/Ice)

    84. Snover  (Grass/Ice)

    85. Abomasnow  (Grass/Ice)

    86. Sneasel  (Dark/Ice)

    87. Weavile  (Dark/Ice)

    88. Meditite  (Fighting/Psychic)

    89. Medicham  (Fighting/Psychic)

    90. Marshadow  (Fighting/Ghost)

    91. Phantump  (Ghost/Grass)

    92. Trevenant  (Ghost/Grass)

    93. ???  (Grass/Fairy)

    94. ???  (Grass/Fairy)

    95. Pumpkaboo  (Grass/Fairy)

    96. Gourgeist  (Grass/Fairy)

    97. ???  (Dark/Poison)

    98. ???  (Bug/Ice)

    99. ???  (Bug/Ice)

    100.                Bakool  (Dark/Fairy)

    101.                Nuetmare  (Dark/Fairy)

    102.                Cockaterror  (Rock/Flying)

    103.                Meductress  (Rock/Dark)

    104.                Wyvicious  (Dragon/Poison)

    105.                Hydrackle  (Poison/Water)

    106.                ???  (Knight/Flying)

    107.                ???  (Knight/Flying)

    108.                Pegasteady  (Fairy/Flying)

    109.                ???  (Fairy/Flying)

    110.                ???  (Electric/Flying)

    111.                ???  (Fire/Flying)

    112.                Bisoldier  (Dark/Knight)

    113.                Oranguru  (Knight/Psychic)

    114.                Djinnius  (Fire/Psychic)

    115.                Heatran  (Fire/Steel)

    116.                Numel  (Fire/Ground)

    117.                Camerupt  (Fire/Ground)

    118.                ???

    119.                ???

    120.                ???

    121.                ???

    122.                ???

    123.                ???

    124.                ???

    125.                ???

    126.                ???

    127.                ???

    128.                ???

    129.                ???

    130.                ???

    131.                ???

    132.                ???

    133.                ???

    134.                ???

    135.                ???

    136.                ???  (Water/Dark)

    137.                ???  (Water/Dark)

    138.                ???

    139.                ???

    140.                ???

    141.                ???

    142.                ???

    143.                ???

    144.                ???

    145.                Fenrott  (Ghost/Ground)

    146.                Kaernk  (Ghost/Water)

    147.                Tytukh  (Ghost/Flying)

    148.                Obsidius  (Rock/Ground)

    149.                Krystallak  (Rock/Ice)

    150.                ???  (Knight/Ghost)

:iconthatsmithydog:, :iconcdhernly:, :iconinika-xeathis:, :iconmonstermaster223:, :iconjojodee:, :iconrobinsu:, :iconcj1206:, :iconinterfail:, :iconlucky-trident:,  I'd appreciate any advice on the names, types and appearances of the question marks.


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